Bounce back on TFL advertising

The Big Underground Advertising Bounce Back

Advertising across Transport For London’s (TFL) network has been a staple for many businesses over the years, be that on the busses, billboards or the highly attractive London Underground. TFL’s advertising estate is one of the largest and most valuable in the world with some 100,000 billboards, poster and panels locations throughout the captials tube and rail network, in trains and on buses and shelters. Its almost impossible to miss them.

In particular the London Underground has always had a big attraction. Lots of people milling around, subliminally taking in the influence from advertising on the various print and digital media formats. Some 5 million passengers per day used the underground network, utilising the 270 stations to get to work, shopping trips, sightseeing and absolutely any other reason for travel you can think of.

But is it still worth advertising on the underground? Surely there’s not as many people travelling?

Of course it is. Even at current levels there’s on average some 3 million travelers using the London Underground network each week with figures suggesting 2 in 5 tube users use a smart device such as a phone or tablet to research or buy a product whilst commuting every day. Its almost an unmissable opportunity.

Some £50 million was spent on advertising across TFL in 2020, a drop of £100 million on 2019 but advertisers have still seen the worth in those essential workers that had to use public transport, key locations whilst people exercised and as things have unlocked the potential of these areas is just going to grow.

TFL advertising bounce back - London Underground

If you’re interested in advertising your brand or product on the London Underground take a look at our website or please contact an Amagence specialist by email at or call 07710 181812. We’ll happily discuss the advertising options and potential costs and provide you with a no obligation quotation. The advertising bounce back is now!