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SEO is not always easy, but YOU are the experts in your field of business and we can help you determine what key search words and practices we need to put in place to get you found online.

Its not all about cramming as many keywords related to your business in the page, there’s more to SEO than that. There has to be a consistent approach to ensuring that all the elements of your site, from the actual content, website speed, image sizes and descriptions, back links and a whole lot more. 

We can run an SEO audit your website and recommend what needs work on urgently, needs improvement and what further recommendations can be made. We can even take a look at your competitors to see where the gaps are that can be taken advantage of. 


You may simply need our consultancy for advice, assistance with keyword research or a longer term project. We're happy to learn about your business and SEO needs.

amagence seo services

How to get on the first page on Google? Or we want to be number one on Google are frequent questions. It takes work and its not impossible!

We, as website owners frequently use entirely different search phrases to that of which our customers or clients may use to find your business. Its understanding what is the best keywords and phrases that bring the best custom to you.

Its also essential that the whole of your website package and any related marketing is best optimised to get you easily found and ultimately attractive to Google search algorithms. 

We CAN help you with the best ways of achieving that goal of the first page on Google.

Detailed SEO reports monthly & regular contact

We utilise the latest reporting methods to monitor all aspects of SEO on your website and we can even monitor how your competition rank for specific terms you use.

Some aspects of search engine optimisation can be immediately seen but others need more time to improve. We’ll monitor daily but report monthly to you on progress and of course we’re more than happy to be in more regular contact as required. 

We don’t put a fixed contract in place because we don’t feel we need to. We’re confident that we can provide you with the service and fulfill your high expectations to ensure a long term partnership. 

Amagence Search Engine Optimisation Agency - SEO Services Key Features:

An easy SEO Tip!

The importance of your Google My Business Listing

There’s so much opportunity, especially from a ‘local’ point of view with your Google My Business listing. Google are putting far more emphasis on this seemingly little listing and encouraging businesses to regularly update with imagery and information about their businesses. Its also a really easy place to gather customer feedback and respond to feedback. Just a little thing that can help you receive more business leads, maintain your presence, especially and keep Google happy!

Google local busines

Around 60% of businesses are already posting on Google My Business. So if you’re not posting already, more likely than not your competitor is, and you should start posting soon.

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