Bespoke online and offline marketing

Amagence can offer a wide range of marketing and online services to individuals and businesses both small and large. We’re a small team with a broad depth of knowledge across a wide range of industries.

There’s no one size fits all service that we provide. We’d just as happily talk you out of a costly project as support you with your marketing ambitions and achievable goals. Whatever the need, be it a shiny new website, assistance with an idea or creating a leading advertising campaign, Amagence will be more than happy to help. 

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Google Analytics and Google Pay Per Click [PPC] Advertising

When it comes to website, the data you can track is invaluable to your business. Along with quantifying that your advertising spend is justified and is your social media driving the traffic you want to your website. 

At Amagence we can analise your data, present it clearly and advise based on that data to get you a better return on your investment, or simply justify the time and effort you’re putting in to your online marketing.

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Web Design, eCommerce & Content Creation

Website projects small and large. A redesign or a whole new concept. eCommerce and the content to fill it. There’s a surprising amount that goes in to the “just a few pages”, that most of our clients say they’re looking for. 

Maybe its eCommerce you’re looking for and there’s a wide range of options that can be tailored for your products. Amagence can even take on the writing of product content for your to suit your style. From lingerie to helicopters, we’ve got the experience. 

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Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Having a website on the web doesn’t guarantee you’ll be found. Amagence can ensure your website is consistent with your brand message. Using researched the terms and keywords that are relevant to your business. 

Simply we won’t promise you the number one spot. Its virtually impossible. But for the right and relevant subject matter your website will perform and attract those you’re really targeting for your business. 

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Sometimes all we need in business is a little guidance, a nudge in the right direction or to be able to talk an idea through and explore the options. 

Our consultancy service offers the opportunity to take up the expertise of Amagence on an hourly basis. Whether that’s discussing plans over a cup of coffee or at your office or a location of your choice.

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Social Media Management

Whether its one or all of the popular social media platforms, Amagence can manage your social media marketing plan, collaborate or assist on specific projects. Growing your brand naturally and cost effectively.

Original and inspiring content that informs, entertain and educates without actively ‘selling’.

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From product shots to on location shoots at race tracks, Amagence has the experience to get the shots you need. 

We shoot bespoke images for many of our clients and there uses range from social media to brochures to branded vehicles. In studio or sourcing the perfect location. Let Amagence take the lead. 



Drop us a line or give us a call and arrange to have a cup of coffee, tea or your desired beverage of choice. We’ll work out how Amagence can help you or your business achieve the goals and ambitions you have in mind.


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